Coach Building

Coach Building

What is Traditional Coach Building?

Coach building was one of the first trades developed for transportation of people in horse drawn coaches. With the advent of the horseless carriage, manufacturers in the early 1900's would produce the chassis and running gear and the owner would commission a coach builder to design and shape the timber frame and metal skin for their car.
During the 1930's, production lines became the preferred way to build the complete automobile in house. This meant the trade of coachbuilding became less popular, but still practiced by low volume high-end manufacturers.

Who is this service for?

The client who requires a unique vehicle to their own design or to reproduce their dream classic car.

The Process

Step 1 - Your Vision

We initiate the process with a personal meeting to discuss your vision, researching photographs and concepts to commence bringing your dream to reality.

Step 2 - Design

Depending on the maturity of your concept at this stage, we can offer a scale model using CAD software or a sculpted clay model for your refinement.

Step 3 - Shaping and Fabrication

Each part is then formed by hand, each curve and line are shaped until your one of a kind, hand made body is complete.

Each individual section will then be welded together, becoming one seamless body. Each weld is then blended out, giving you a smooth, blemish free finish.

From this stage all sections you wish to be polished are sanded and buffed to a mirror finish.

Step 4 - Colour

The final refinishing stage gives you the option to choose the colour that best compliments​ the body you have designed.

Why Choose Us?

Historical Accuracy

We have studied and documented automotive design throughout history in order to give us a greater understanding of the technical aspect of coach building (eg. why shapes are used and how they are applied to create functional works of art). All you need is a dream and a vision of what you desire - we'll use our historically accurate techniques to make your dream a reality.

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