Concours Restoration

Concours Restoration

Who is this service for?

Do you see your classic automobile as more than just a car? Is it an extension of your personality, a significant part of your life? Would you take pride in showing off your prised possession at each and every event? Do you want to be confident that every piece of your car, from the bare frame through to every fibre of the upholstery, has been restored to its factory condition? Would that drive through the hinterlands feel all the sweeter knowing that every piece of your car, even the one's you'll never see, has been meticulously painted to ensure that no surface of the car was treated with any less importance?

If you're after a no-compromise restoration for your beloved vehicle, then this service is for you.

The Process

Step 1 - Assessment

We start by meticulously documenting each surface, and every component of your car as it begins its journey from tired and worn, to better than showroom condition.

We then assess the frame. This allows us to see any hidden ​problems​ beneath the surface, and stop them in their tracks before becoming a problem in the future. This detailed assessment also gives us the opportunity to identify any ​common problems​ some marques have. We will propose methods of discretely rectifying any common issues with modern techniques and materials, however, the choice is yours.

Step 2 - Scope

Once the initial assessment is complete, will discuss the scope of the restoration with you - from the colour of the stitching on each seat to the exterior paint. This will truly be your chance to leave your mark on a cherished possession.

At this stage, you can take full advantage of our body design and fabrication skills to adjust any part of your car's body. Whether you wish your body design had more symmetry or the features of another model - we can make your wish become a reality.

Step 3 - Restoration

Once the scope of the restoration has been agreed upon, our team of skilled craftsmen will begin toiling over every piece of your car. Every component will be treated just as important as the other.

Throughout this process, we will encourage you to drop into the workshop and share this restoration journey with us - our aim is to make your restoration a fulfilling and memorable experience for years to come.

Step 4 - Delivery

Your pride and joy has now been restored beyond its factory condition. With the right care and attention, your classic will last for decades to come - preserving its legacy for generations.

Why Choose Us?


Our skill set, experience and network is what sets us aside from the rest. We have proven time and time again that our seamless adaptation of historically accurate techniques, with modern materials, will result in the most accurate and enduring restoration ​money can buy​.

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