Who is this service for?

Is there a specific car that you've always wanted, but the odds of getting your hands on one seem to become more improbable as time goes on? If you're interested in recreating your childhood icon or your life long desire then this service is for you.

The Process

Step 1 - Your Vision

We start the process discussing the vision you have of your perfect car. The make, model, looks, performance, comfort and the colour - really experience the feeling of sitting behind the wheel and living in the moment of a dream becoming your reality.

Step 2 - Design

Next we CAD design the body work to create the symmetry and stance of that one of a kind creation. Adding or removing elements that will make your car stand out among the rest. If you have an idea you always wanted to see in real life, this is the moment we can make that happen for you.

The chassis design stage is where art meets engineering. Replicating a chassis or designing a new chassis are the two main options to giving your creation a framework.

Step 3 - Physical Framework

Time to give the foundation of your ​project​ that unique body that others could only wish they had. Sending the CAD file away to get a perfect scale copy cut into a Station Buck gives us the mould to work the metal or composite selection of your choosing.

Step 4 - Body Sculpting

Everything becomes real at this stage. We get to work forming each piece by hand, building on the buck, while the silhouette of your car begins to take shape.

Step 4 - Interior Design and External Colour

Designing the interior and applying the colour are the last major steps before we assemble your creation and prepare for delivery. The final attention to detail is crucial. Just because a part can not be seen doesn't mean it is less important that every other part that completes vision that has been desired for years.

Why Choose Us?


Our passion for uncovering the story behind each line and curve on a car's bodywork is what enables us to create vehicles on more than a practical level. Driving a hand made car is about the experience and the memories created during ​your travels​. We continue to study every era of automotive design in the pursuit of understanding how craftsman before us thought about their creations. We use this knowledge and apply the same principals to provide you with an authentic experience and the most accurate creation possible.

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